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Only little is known about the old history of the village. It is remembered as the place for the “Marada” (fighters) where from they attack ragingly the Arabs. Because of the known battle between the villagers of the region and the Arabs that happened near “Jamajem” valley in 1290 A.C. where more than 17000 people were killed from both sides (History of El Murr family), the village was given the name “The House Of The Saddest People”.


The word Bteghrine has various meanings:
  1. Place of warriors
  2. Place of rocks
  3. Store of fleches and House of Saddest (Syr.)


Families from Arabic or Greek origins live in the village,
with historical roots and migrant families from neighboring regions. Families are divided among the quarters of the village, acquiring names of churches or from the natural conditions, for instance, the quarter of St. Georgeous, the quarter St. Michael, the Wata quarter, the Chihhar quarter, Ali quarter etc…


The elderly people remember a very beautiful square in Bteghrine, gathering the young people in the nights of joy and happy occasions, where they compete in holding up the heaviest bowls made of stone and… also they dance with the sword, a dance which is still practiced in today’s villages among the aged habitants.
This square has been transformed into a very big and important market, due to its geographical situation, where citizens can go shopping in its large supermarket and in its various shops, including clothing, gifts, vegetables stores, restaurants and others.


  1. The principal potable water supply is from the Aassal and Manboukh springs.
  2. The village source located near the square at the divert leading to Baskinta; Good to drink, and the habitants take part in using it for agricultural purposes.
  3. Ain El Mir, north of the village, is situated in the heart of the valley “Al Jamajem”. Its mineral water is good for gastric disorders, as ancients say.
  4. Sparta source, eastside of the village, having an archeological structure of stone, with a nearby stair connecting to the “Daughter of King” castle which is situated in Mashmisha – Zaarour area.

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