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The first citizens of Bteghrine were Sweid Mkenna El Salibi, and his relative Yakoub El Salibi and their families.
They have been followed by El Murr family, and after by Sawaya, Samaha, Harik and Bakhos families.
Some of these families left Bteghrine to get scattered in many regions of Lebanon.
The twentieth century lives the increasing number of the coming of other different families to Bteghrine :
The family
Tabcharani (in the nineteenth century), the families Hawi, Bakayev, Zizeyev, Skaff, Bechara, Tayar, Mechrek, Khoury, Taktouk (the only Sunni family Sunnite, origin from Halab), Kfoury, Haddad, Abou Rjeili, Tatossian and Abou Charaf.
At the end of the nineteenth century, there was an internal immigration, towards different Lebanese regions.
Many families like Saliba and Murr dispersed in the north of Lebanon, the south and the Bekaa.
While the external immigration, started with the beginning of the First World War and even before.
Countries of immigration were in the north and south of America, specifically the United States, Brazil, Argentina,
Colombia, Venzuella, Canada and other countries.
The rover mouvement intensified mostly in the second half of the twentieth century especially toward Canada and north America.

The population of Bteghrine, range between 5 and 6 thousand, they are all Christians (75% Orthodox and 25% Catholic).
Saliba family is the biggest numerously, and by itself if constitutes the half of the population,
followed by the Murr family, then after Samaha and Harik families. The other families don't exceed 5% of the total population.

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